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What if everyone on your marketing team had 5 extra hours each week?

For many of us, running a marketing team comes down to figuring out the best way to allocate scarce resources, especially time and money.

Getting stuck in the status quo means missing out on improvements that can make a massive difference for your team. If you “do more with less”, you’re looking at an effective marketing team that gets results. 

This article focuses on how StreamEye gets you more hours of productive work and ensures that your team achieves better marketing results.

How your marketing team works now 

Currently, a huge proportion of what most marketers do is perform mundane tasks like:

  • Coordinating between writers, designers and tech teams
  • Writing countless variations of ad and product copy

Tasks like these hurt your marketing team’s productivity, not only because they take too much time but because they’re – to put it bluntly – boring. Mundane tasks can sap the energy of team members while making them feel like their talents aren’t truly contributing to something.

That said, your writing, design and tech teams need to be on the same page to produce effective ad and product copy. The question comes down to this: How you can eliminate the time and emotional energy required to get these jobs done without sacrificing the quality of work you need? 

StreamEye tackles this problem so your team can work smarter.

How marketing teams can work more effectively 

The efficiency of your marketing team comes down to 4 key points: 

1. Provide more self reliance 

Some level of coordination between marketing, content, tech, and design teams is always going to be necessary. But time is wasted when these teams have to wait on a piece of information, file or approval. 

Instead of asking designers to refresh banner ads, a marketer or copywriter can instantly update them with new relevant offers via StreamEye. These digital ad changes will still maintain the great design previously developed. 

One of StreamEye’s biggest benefits is encouraging our team to work more independently and quickly pivot when needed. For instance, promotional offers for multiple regions and languages can be updated within minutes by a single person. 

2. Remove repetitive tasks

If you have 40 different sizes and types of banner ads that need updating, someone needs to handle that. It’s a thankless, robotic job that wastes time. 

StreamEye tools allow a single person to update dozens – even hundreds – of ads instantly. What was once an agonizingly dull task becomes simple, allowing your teams to focus more energy on developing strategies that will bring real results.

3. Have easy access to digital assets

When your digital assets are siloed away with your design team, you’re not able to fully utilise them. StreamEye helps to keep all of your images and templates (complete with relevant tags) at your fingertips. Not only will you avoid double checking whether particular images are appropriate for campaigns, but you’ll also limit the back-and-forth between teams to find that perfect image.

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4. With up-to-date information from your API

Companies running dynamic banner ads need them to reflect the latest offers, prices, and odds. Fortunately, StreamEye integrates with your API so this information can be automatically updated as often as you need. There’s no need to worry about outdated ads with misleading information or whether you can get relevant offers onto the market in time. 

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Empower proactivity and productivity 

Beyond time savings and empowering your workers, you need to allow your marketers to be independent and proactive. Employers often discuss the desire to have employees who are more proactive, but one thing that holds many of them back is having the right tools. Once teams have these tools, they’re able to accomplish more on their own, increasing feelings of confidence and independence. 

Optimize your digital advertising with StreamEye

To see how StreamEye can save you time and resources – and expand your wider marketing team’s productivity – get in touch.