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The solution to scaling digital advertising isn’t more hiring

Your small marketing team has been working for months to find the perfect product-market fit. Now that you’ve got it, it’s time to scale your digital advertising. You might be thinking, “Now we need to hire more team members to ramp things up.”

Not so fast.

Too often, when teams scale they lose efficiency. It’s hard to maintain the same culture and expectations, and the onboarding alone can take focus away from the most important element: optimising ad production.

How most companies scale digital advertising: hiring

When it comes to digital marketing talent, the gap between supply and demand is enormous. One report found 59% of companies were looking to hire digital marketers while only 19% of digital marketers were looking for new companies. Considering how hard it is to hire great digital marketers, it’s no wonder why companies struggle to fill the gaps.

Difficulties of hiring digital marketing talent

Digital marketing talent is always in high demand, so scaling teams tends to result in either: hiring someone who requires extensive training (and who may not perform well) or spending considerable time and money to hire someone great. Either way, fast scaling you require is unlikely to happen.

How greater headcounts affect ROI

Digital marketing ultimately comes down to ROI. Too often, we focus only on the ROI within the ad platform. However, headcount has an enormous impact: Even if your ads earn $3 for every $1 spent, your ROI likely suffers if that success is backed by a huge team on payroll.

How to scale digital advertising: optimisation

In a perfect world, rather than struggling with hiring and training, you would scale your digital advertising by enabling your current team to do more.

Doing more with less brings better results

Consider how much work goes into optimising your digital ad production. If you can boost your click through rate (CTR) by 10%, that’s phenomenal. But if 5 employees each spent 20 hours working on that improvement, is it really earning you more? When you don’t take elements like payroll into account when calculating ROI, it can lead to dangerously wrong calculations.

How StreamEye enables you to scale digital advertising with your current team

Enabling your existing team to obtain better, more efficient results is at the core of the StreamEye brand.

Less design work

Think about how much time your designer(s) spends making minor modifications (e.g. new banner ad offers, languages, sizes). It’s the type of dull demotivating task that prevents designers from doing their best work. 

StreamEye automates this process, letting your marketers take an existing design and instantly adapt it – there’s no need to involve the design team. That means one less handoff and a more empowered, accountable marketing team.

Fewer time-wasting tasks

Every time a sales offer changes, does your marketing team update each banner ad to reflect it? If so, you’re wasting a lot of time by simply updating outdated information. StreamEye automates this process so your API can update offers within seconds. This ensures that you’ll have the most up-to-date – and best performing – offers at all times.

The results

When the number of working hours needed to maintain your digital advertising declines by 30%, your overall ROI jumps. Managers have fewer people to manage and more time to think about the big picture. Your marketing team spends less time on dull, repetitive tasks and more time on impactful work. 

Want to see how StreamEye can help scale your digital advertising for better results? Get in touch.