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How your digital advertising could be 100x faster

Good PPC marketing requires the quick testing of ideas and iteration. Throwing some ads up and waiting isn’t a recipe for PPC success: Your ads then have to be able to seamlessly update when offers or market conditions change. 

Here are four things your digital advertising should be doing better – and how StreamEye allows you to do it effortlessly

1. Test and Iterate – Fast

The best ideas for PPC campaigns aren’t worth much if you can’t test them effectively. The faster you can confirm whether a campaign or concept is working well, the faster you can scale it. 


However, you’re always going to get diminishing returns on even the best-performing ads. You can never rest on your laurels: it’s essential to always be thinking about the next iteration.

How to iterate PPC campaigns faster

Tools like StreamEye reduce the number of handoffs between teams to create or edit campaigns. This ensures that individual team members are empowered to utilise design elements, edit text, and create batches of new PPC ad content with minimal back-and-forth. 

2. Hyper-target ads at scale

Online marketing is all about finding the right message for the right customer. However, it’s challenging to precisely target and create dozens (or even hundreds) of different ads. Generally, the time needed to create multiple versions of ads makes this near impossible, but there are solutions to scale digital ads that work.

How to create ads at scale

The easiest way to scale digital advertising is with software that automates banner ad replication for all the various sizes, languages and the versions you need. With StreamEye, these elements are automated so your team is able to create targeted ads at a much larger scale. The results? Quicker testing and better performance.

3. Reduce PPC overhead, increase ROI

A single PPC campaign may deliver fantastic results, but if those results are driven by an enormous team, it can end up losing you money. Reducing the number of people who manage campaigns is one of the best ways to increase ROI for PPC.

How to reduce PPC overhead

Again, this comes down to automating aspects of ad creation and reducing the back and forth to get campaigns created, edited, and approved. With StreamEye, your design team can automatically create 20 different banner sizes, resulting in far more effective campaigns with smaller teams.

4. Empower PPC teams 

We’ve all heard, “Let me send this over to X team and see when they can finish it.” That attitude turns quick updates into week-long waits (while blame shifts back and forth between teams). PPC marketers need to move faster to be effective. Remember: Empowered employees are more effective.

How to empower PPC teams

With StreamEye, marketers have instant access to design elements, updated information for ads from your API, and the ability to make edits themselves. This kind of responsibility and empowerment ensures that teams have zero excuses for delays. Better yet, it encourages a “I can take care of this myself” mindset that’s essential for great results.

Start running PPC ads faster with StreamEye

With Streameye, you’ll empower your teams to act independently, move fast, test ideas, scale ads when needed – and do it all with fewer people. The results speak for themselves

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