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How distributed marketing teams can stay sane at scale

Even before Coronavirus forced international teams to quickly improvise, distributed marketing teams were already becoming an industry standard. But for large teams – and teams looking to scale – working remotely is a much harder challenge. Here, we break down those challenges and how StreamEye solves them.

The main challenge distributed marketing teams face

Effective marketing at scale requires extensive coordination. Team members need to constantly share what’s working, what isn’t, and develop ideas that are necessary to stay ahead of the competition. The problem comes when this coordination meets the realities of working as a distributed team. Managers suddenly need to worry about both creating dangerous silos and micromanaging.

Handoffs and reaction time 

Whether someone has notifications turned off (or is simply in another timezone), waiting for input, approval, or handoffs cause major delays. It can be hard to say when someone will get back to you, which makes predicting the length of projects extremely difficult.

Worse, when these delays become normal, team members may lose a sense of urgency and motivation to get things done. Why bother if the next person may not look at the task for days? Trying to address this issue often leads to micro-managing (and greater management overhead) as team leads try to specify who delivers what and when.

This results in dysfunctional teams that require constant management.

How scaling makes this challenge worse

If you take the distributed team challenges mentioned above and scale the team, the result will be exponential delays and issues.

Lesser sense of individual accountability

In a marketing team of, say 5 members, it’s difficult for any individual to shirk their responsibilities. However, as the team scales, this becomes an easy excuse for not getting things done. 

If team member X finishes a certain task early – and still haven’t gotten word about their next task – they’ll probably wait to get started. In a world where accountability is essential, it’s a vicious cycle. 

More people need to weigh-in and approve

Marketing teams need to coordinate their projects, and larger teams means that more people need to be clued in. Delays quickly multiply as teams struggle to coordinate efficiently.

StreamEye helps to scale distributed marketing teams

The key here is empowerment. StreamEye is a tool designed to empower each member of your marketing team to do more without asking other teams for help. Whether it’s a team of 5 or 500, StreamEye makes scaling easier.

Individuals are empowered

When individual team members have easy access to digital assets, can capably (and automatically) adapt existing design elements, and are able to create enormous numbers of PPC images at scale, there’s no excuse for them not to move forward. Removing excuses (like delayed handoffs( allows a scaling team to remain efficient.

This efficiency can also result in managers suddenly spending less time micro-managing production.These time savings are vital for success because they instead allow managers to spend time finding ways to improve how the team or company operates.

Management overhead is reduced

By removing the need to micromanage production, managers are freed up to perform far more valuable tasks like strategy development. This kind of big picture thinking is where managers really move the needle – and it’s where their focus should be.

Capital savings 

Bringing together more empowered team members with fewer management resources results in money saved. Whether it’s the upfront savings of fewer working hours or longer-term benefits of greater strategic thinking, the advantages are clear.

Experience what StreamEye can do for your distributed marketing team

Worried about scaling your team and maintaining accountability? You need a solution designed with you in mind. Get in touch with us so we can see just what kind of impact StreamEye can have on your team.