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4 ways your PPC management is wasting time

Every PPC marketer is focused on improving ad performance, but that focus often means they’re missing the bigger picture. Better PPC performance starts with PPC team management, and the more time spent on a campaign, the worse your ROI gets.

StreamEye understands how PPC management can be done better. Below, we break down what you’re probably doing wrong – and how you can improve. 

1. Asking for banners to be resized

This is one of those simple tasks that needs to be automated. If your marketers are asking designers to resize ads and then have to wait before they can move on with a campaign, your teams are all wasting valuable time.

Fortunately, StreamEye instantly generates dozens of banners (in all sizes) based on a single branded template that you’ve already created. This means less overall work and fewer handoffs between your marketing and design teams. Without the need to resize banners, the design team can focus on more meaningful projects. For marketing, time asking the designers for new sizes can be spent elsewhere as well.

2.Publishing new ads each time a campaign starts

It takes time to request your designers to update all of your banners with current offers. That time isn’t just wasted – it’s time that potential customers aren’t seeing those latest offers.

With StreamEye, you won’t need to request updated versions of your banners. In fact, there’s no need for anyone from your design or marketing team to do anything at all. You can set up a system where your API automatically updates ads the moment it gets new data for offers. This means near-instant updates of dozens – or even hundreds – of times per day. 

If you don’t have an API setup, updating hundreds of offers simultaneously is as easy as making the changes you want and hitting ‘save.’

3. Translating offers one by one

The time needed to manually update numerous ads into multiple languages quickly becomes a logistical nightmare. But with ads in local languages offering far higher click-through-rates, it’s necessary to get better results.

StreamEye offers simple spreadsheets to generate static banners. If you’re using animated banners, organising Streameye localised feeds within folders keeps all of your content in one place. It’s never been easier to keep everyone on the same page, no matter how many teams and languages are involved.

4. Coordinating between teams

Consider how many handoffs are currently required to produce a new ad campaign. Now think about how long each of those handoffs takes. Since each team has their own priorities, even relatively simple coordination can take days. Worse, each time there’s a problem, the ads need to be sent back to the people responsible for revisions.

StreamEye tackles this head-on by empowering marketers to generate, resize and update banners without involving designers. If a marketer gets copy wrong, they don’t need to ask the design team to update the ads – they can do it themselves immediately. When an offer with new copy and graphic assets needs to be published, marketing can handle that independently.

Save PPC management time with StreamEye

Fixing these common time-wasting practices easily provides your marketing and design teams more time to work on other projects. They’ll be able to develop  new designs that captivate your customers’ attention or think up new campaigns that increase your company’s growth.

Whatever they do with the extra time, it’s more likely to add to your bottom line. Book a demo to see how StreamEye can transform your advertising with the touch of a button.